Riding vs Driving - The Pros and Cons of Motorcycle Ownership

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As one can expect, riding a motorcycle and driving a car are two very different experiences with both having their pros and cons. Some are obvious, while others may not be considered from the onset. The decision of which to choose relies on a variety of factors. While I love to ride, in this post I intend to withhold bias with the understanding that it is not for everybody. The last thing we, as riders want is to have someone on two wheels who don't want to be. Without further ado, the pros and cons of riding:

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The Perks of Riding a Motorcycle

Cheaper: Motorcycles are, in general, cheaper to purchase, maintain, and insure than cars. Obviously, there are exceptions when you get into some of the higher-priced machines. Nevertheless, if you're on a budget there are far more budget-friendly motorcycle options and motorcycle mechanics out there than there are vehicles.

More Fun: Pretty self-explanatory. Motorcycles are a more exciting and thrilling ride than cars. Nothing compares to the wind blowing your hair back at 100 km/h.

Better Gas Mileage: Motorcycles typically get better gas mileage than cars - provided you actually choose to ride over driving. This is especially true for quick trips around town.

Maneuverability: Motorcycles are more nimble and have better maneuverability than cars. This means easier to find parking spots, especially if you're attending events that have a large number of visitors. We've had some prime parking at major events while cars circle the lot.

Financing Options: There are generally more options to get a motorcycle loan versus a vehicle loan as some lenders are specific to bikes. In addition, due to the lower cost, you are likely looking at far more manageable payments.

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The Drawbacks of Riding a Motorcycle

Safety: Motorcycles are more dangerous than cars simply because they provide less protection in the event of an accident. It is important to take safety courses and join experienced riders while you're getting your feet under you.

Weather: Rain, snow, wind, and dust are all drawbacks that you'll have to consider when riding, especially if you're in a harsh climate.

Comfort: As much as riding is fun, the trip can be hard on the body, especially for longer trips. Be prepared to take more breaks than you would in a vehicle to reach your destination.

Limited Space: While some major advances have occurred in recent years, motorcycles will never have the cargo capacity of most vehicles. You aren't going to be helping your friends move their large furniture (maybe a positive?) and shopping trips will always have a capacity limit.

Expenses Add Up: While it is a pro that you can generally find cheaper ride options, the drawback comes in gear and accessories. You'll need to gear up which will amount to hundreds of dollars in helmets, jackets, riding boots, pants, and riding gloves to be sure you're safe out there.

I hope this can help to make an informed decision about which mode of transportation is right for you. The most important tip to remember no matter what is to drive safely, know your blind spots and keep your eyes open for those pesky potholes. Happy travels!