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    GET APPROVED. SHOP ANYWHERE. One single application gets you access to Canada's top motorcycle loan options with the best rates, terms and opportunities for all credit situations!

  • STOP shopping your credit at multiple dealerships.

    START shopping for the perfect new or used motorcycle.

    You may be damaging your credit by shopping at multiple dealers in Canada. Every new dealership is another credit pull that can lower your score. We're proud to provide access to Canada's vast network of motorcycle lenders all under one roof. Without any kickbacks for upselling you a higher rate, you can be certain that we will lock in the best approval available.

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    Canada' Best Motorcycle Loan Options

    One application, multiple lenders. Some dealerships might want you to think they have access to special motorcycle loan options. They are lying to you. Revival Powersports offers access to the best loan options without having to shop your credit at different dealers.

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    Bad Credit Motorcycle Financing

    Let's face it - not everybody has perfect credit. Our partners at Revival Powersports have access to reputable Canadian lenders who offer assistance for those who are not able to get approved elsewhere.

    Harley Davidson Bad Credit Financing

    No Sales Pressure. No Hidden Fees.

    Skip the BS and get riding quicker. With full fee transparency, tools to calculate your payments accurately and the option to buy from any source without sales pressure - you're in the drivers seat.


    Our motorcycle loan payment calculator is the only honest quote you'll get online, factoring in fees and other costs that most calculators do not include.

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    Honest answers to simple financing questions.

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    The focus of our motorcycle blog is full disclosure and education so that you can ensure you are getting the best loan option in Canada.

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