The Complete Checklist for Purchasing a Used Motorcycle on KIJIJI

Navigating through the KIJIJI marketplace can be both exciting and nauseating, depending on your circumstance. It's a hub teeming with intriguing listings that can offer some fantastic bargains. However, there are also a number of downfalls and obstacles that one should avoid when navigating the massive index of private sale motorcycles. This comprehensive guide is designed to accompany you on your quest to buy a used motorcycle from KIJIJI.

Mastering the Art of Filtering on KIJIJI

KIJIJI's search options offer a variety of filters to help you locate your ideal motorcycle within a multitude of listings.

  • Geographical Convenience: Near the search bar, you'll be able to specify how far you are willing to travel for a purchase. This will give you a realistic range of options.
  • Seller Classification: Filter results by 'Owner' or 'Dealer' to isolate preferred sources. Remember, some dealers may also post as individuals, so it pays to ask specific questions.
  • Budgeting and Bargaining: Set your maximum price a tad higher than your actual budget to provide leeway for negotiation while expanding your selection pool.
  • Mileage and Age: Limiting high-mileage and older models can streamline your search. However, be mindful that you may exclude options where the seller has omitted these details.
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Interaction with the Seller

When an owner decides to list on KIJIJI, they automatically take the role of a salesperson. Do not treat them any different than you would a dealer. In the event that the seller is rude in any way, remember that there are other options and walk away, no different than you would at a dealership. You can gauge the candor of a seller by their ad as many who are tough to work with tend to fill their listings with negative comments such as "no tire kickers", "don't ask if it's available" or "no low-ballers".

In a similar sense, your initial message to the seller lays the foundation for future interactions. Ensure your message is respectful, courteous and to-the-point. Express your interest, and don't hesitate to ask questions about the bike's maintenance history, present condition, and any modifications or repairs made.



Detecting and Dodging Fraudulent KIJIJI Ads

While KIJIJI is a reputable platform, fraudulent listings can sneak through. Following these precautions will help you stay safe:

  • Image Verification: Reverse image search with tools like Google Lens to check if the photo has been reused from elsewhere. Multiple instances of the same photo in different locales or at a dealership outside of Canada could indicate a scam.
  • Bargain or Trap?: Unusually low prices can be tempting but should also raise suspicions. Remember, the value of a motorcycle is often reflective of the love a rider has for it.
  • Unraveling the Seller's Tale: Do not hesitate to probe the seller's story for inconsistencies. Any vagueness or discrepancy should be a red flag.
  • Avoid Upfront Payments: Never transfer money before verifying the bike in person.
  • Ensure Safety: Always set the meeting in a public place. Bringing a friend, especially one with mechanical expertise, can offer additional safety and an expert opinion.
  • Don't Skip on a CARFAX: Although the seller might provide a CARFAX report, getting your own ensures authenticity and protects against acquiring a salvage bike or one which has a lien.


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Finalizing the Purchase: Payment and Acquisition

Once you are satisfied with the motorcycle and have decided to proceed, it's time to finalize the transaction. Always attempt to negotiate on the price, and decide upon a secure and mutually convenient payment method. Arrange to take possession of the motorcycle during daylight hours and ensure all required documents are correctly filled out and signed. In the event that you do not want to expend the full balance and wish to take on a motorcycle loan, follow our guide to financing a motorcycle for the best tips and information.

Embarking on the journey of purchasing a used motorcycle on KIJIJI is an exhilarating experience. By effectively utilizing the platform's features, discerning genuine from fraudulent listings, and ensuring a safe and legitimate transaction, you pave the way to a rewarding purchase. So put on your helmet and get ready for a thrilling ride!